9-Year-Old Daughter Drives Drunk Dad to Gas Station

Young girl drives drunk dad to gas station
A 9-year-old girl was spotted on camera driving drunk 39-year-old father around in a van. The two stopped at a gas station and went inside where the conversation was caught on tape.

The man bragged about being drunk and having a designated driver - his 9-year-old. He talked about how great of a driver she is and then they left together after he bought her a candy apple and cigarettes for himself.

After pulling out of the gas station, they were stopped by police. The 4 foot tall young girl was in a booster chair in the driver's seat. When police spoke with the man, he was argumentative saying that he could have her drive if he wanted her to. It was reported that the man was drinking whiskey all night.

In court, his friends came to defend him for his actions. Explaining that he is a "good father" and that "people make mistakes."

He faces charges of felony child abuse and being a habitual offender.

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