70-Year-Old Cyclist Says He Will Continue Biking After Car Crash

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An avid cyclist, who has biked in several dozen countries, was involved in a recent crash that broke his arm and injured his leg.

Just three days after the crash, Hans Frischeisen says he plans to continue riding his bike.

"There's still a wonderful world to be explored out there," he said from his hospital bed at St. Joseph Regional Health Center.

The dedicated cyclist started to explore the world in British Columbia on a kayaking trip with his son. After the trip, he decided that he wanted more adventure in life, which led him to many years of biking.

On the day of his collision, he was traveling to Mexico down the shoulder of Texas 21 when a car crashed into him.

"The next thing I know, there was a bang, and I was flying through the air," he said. In addition to his broken arm, he suffered deep puncture wounds in his left leg and bled severely, he said.

The crash was investigated by a Department of Public Safety trooper.

The victim says he doesn’t plan to stop. He'll hop on his bike as soon as he's better, he said.
"I'm too young to stop," he said. "I'm only 70."

Davis Law Group is relieved to hear that Frischeisen will have a full recovery and will continue to do what he loves after he is healed.

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