#6 - Top 10 Mistakes Pedestrian Accident Victims Make

Mistake #6 - Failing to document the details of your pedestrian accident.

pedestrian accident attorneyYou should write a statement about the incident while everything is fresh in your mind. Your claim may take many months, or even years, to resolve. Writing things down will help you to record and recall important facts that may be useful later on. Take complete photographs of the accident scene including signs, signals, the vehicles involved, skid marks, and your injuries. All of these are very important because accident scenes, especially intersections, can change over time. Reference points change, skid marks disappear, and even signs and signals can be altered, so it is vital that the appearance of the scene at the time of the accident is preserved. Because camera phones are now so common, be sure to ask witnesses if any of them recorded the event. It's possible that someone has it on video.

You should keep a file to store documents, photographs, and records related to the claim, like the vehicle driver's insurance information, address, telephone number and license plate number; receipts; medical records; names and phone numbers of witnesses; correspondence from the insurance company; police reports; repair bills if applicable; etc. If you decide to hire a lawyer, your file of records and documents can provide enormous assistance to the attorney and his staff in representing your interests.
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