3 Wrongfully Killed in Ambulance Helicopter Crash

Three crew members were killed when the medical helicopter they were flying in crashed. The helicopter was on its way to pick up a traffic accident victim. The crew members were flying under flight rules and it doesn’t appear that they were talking to any air traffic controllers.

The wrongful death case is being investigated.

There have been more than 14 accidents involving air ambulance helicopters over the last two years, including eight deaths. It does not appear that new requirements will be implemented for the medical helicopters even with the amount of accidents. However, The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued several suggestions for safety improvements.

The FAA, which oversees the industry, is writing new rules. Congress also has bills addressing safety but all have been put on hold due to FAA funding. The NTSB is pushing for requirements for equipment that can help prevent pilots from getting distressed in poor vision.

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