3 Arrested, 1 Still At Large in Craigslist Shooting

Two men and a woman were arrested in Daly City, Calif in connection with the shooting and home invasion of a Edgewood man and family. The Fourth suspect who has only been identified as John Doe is still at large.

Last week, James Sanders let the 4 strangers into his family's home after they had inquired about a 1.07 carrat diamond ring that he had posted on Craigslist. When one of the suspects showed cash, Sanders allowed them to come into the family's home where one of them then pulled a gun and shot Sanders, fatally injuring him. They then tied up Sander's wife and 14 year old son.

All three were being held on first-degree murder charges.In addition, they are being charged with second degree robbery, as well as second degree assault in connection with the pistol whipping of Sanders son. The charging paper also say that Sanders wife was kicked in the head while her hands were bound.

Kiyoshi A. Higashi, 22, and Joshua N. Reese, 20, both of Tacoma, were being held in Daly City, Calif., where they were arrested Saturday on unrelated charges, including weapons offenses, after a traffic stop by police, according to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. Also arrested at the same time was Amanda C. Knight, 21, of Sumner, who posted bail the same day and left California.

She surrendered to Sumner police Tuesday evening and was being held in the Pierce County Jail, according to sheriff's spokesman Ed Troyer.

The fourth suspect involved in the home-invasion robbery has not been apprehended and is identified in charging papers only as "John Doe." He also was charged with first-degree murder, first-degree robbery and second-degree assault.




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