$2.3 Million Dollar Verdict In Tractor-Trailer Unsecured Load Accident

The above article is a description of an accident and injuries in personal injury case that may or may not have been handled by Davis Law Group.  *The names of the people involved may have been changed or deleted to protect the identities of the parties.

A man was driving on an interstate highway when he crashed into a pallet of loose metal parts that had fallen from a semi-truck operated by well known transportation company. The man suffered a herniated disk at L5-S1, which required fusion surgery and a subsequent procedure to remove hardware. His medical expenses were about $135,000. The injured man had been a truck driver and car salesman before the accident earning about $25,000 annually.  After the unsecured load accident he was unable to work for about 18 months.

The victims hired a personal injury attorney and sued the transport company, alleging failure to properly secure the load of metal parts and failure to abide by applicable regulations requiring truck drivers to check the security of such loads every three hours or 150 miles.

The jury awarded about $2.3 million in damages to the injury victim.

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