19-Year-Old's Face Shredded by Boat Propeller

Before acting careless on a boat this summer – read this story.

A woman’s face was shredded by the propeller of a boat after being run over by it.

The victim Erin McCormick nearly suffered from paralysis before a surgeon restored feelings to her face.

Dr. Pablo Prichard, medical director for plastic surgery at John C. Lincoln North Mountain Hospital reconstructed McCormick’s face. He said that the work he did was tedious. He put tiny fragments of bone back together along with small snippets of muscles and nerves.

Dr. Prichard explains how complex the face is in regards to nerves and muscles. He says that it is nothing like restoring muscles in an elbow.

Doctors used a new protective collagen shell. They place it around severed nerve fragments in the face to protect them from scarring, which can get in the way of nerves growing back.
McCormick was received 19 surgeries and still has more ahead to see a full repair, which also includes damage that was done to her arm.

One year later, she can feel every smile and frown. She says that most people do not believe what she endured because her face reconstruction was so successful.

McCormick’s experience has inspired her to pursue a career in nursing.

Boating accidents can be very serious or even worse, fatal. In this case, the victim was able to heal. But what if you lose a limb? Nearly impossible to recover from.

Davis Law Group has represented several victims of boating accidents and encourages you to be very smart while riding on boats this summer.

Don’t be the story we hear on the news after the 4th of July.

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