18-year-old woman injured in DUI collision near Bremerton

Story Highlights:
One injured in Bremerton car accident
One-car collision caused by DUI

March 27, 2011, 03/27/2011
Location: Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington
Type: Car accident, DUI vehicle collision
Outcome: One injured

Early Sunday morning, an 18-year-old woman was injured in a one-car collision near Bremerton.

Around 6 a.m. a woman was driving west on Belfair Valley Road when she veered to the right off the roadway. She then struck some mailboxes before crossing the street and coming to rest in a yard.

The woman was taken to Harrison Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.

Washington State Patrol charged the woman with driving while intoxicated and failure to wear a seat belt. The accident is still under investigation.

Bremerton Fatal Accident Statistics for 2008
Fatal accident count: 2
Vehicles involved in fatal accidents: 2
Fatal accidents caused by drunken drivers: 0
Fatalities: 2
Persons involved in fatal accidents: 6
Pedestrians involved in fatal accidents: 2

National Teenage Drunk Driving Statistics

  • Alcohol is the cause of 60% of all teen deaths in car accidents.
  • 31% of teenage drivers who are involved in fatal car wrecks had a blood alcohol concentration of .08 or higher.
  • Teenage boys who have a blood alcohol concentration of .05 are18 times more likely to suffer a single vehicle crash than a non drinking teenage boy.
  • Teenage girls who have a blood alcohol concentration of .05 are 54 times more likely to be involved in a vehicle crash.
  • Nationally in the United States, over 12% of all fatal crashes were alcohol related and 40% of those involved teenage drivers who were drinking.
  • Eight teens die daily in alcohol related vehicle crashes.
  • Each day 1,400 injuries and 15 deaths occur to teenage drivers, 40 percent are alcohol related.
  • Almost 1,500 teens age 15-20 die in car crashes annually in the United States.
  • Alcohol is the cause of 60% of all teen deaths involving car accidents.

Washington State Underage Drinking Law

Notwithstanding any other provision of this title, a person is guilty of driving or being in physical control of a motor vehicle after consuming alcohol if the person operates or is in physical control of a motor vehicle within this state and the person:
(a) Is under the age of twenty-one;
(b) Has, within two hours after operating or being in physical control of the motor vehicle, an alcohol concentration of at least 0.02 but less than the concentration shown by analysis of the person's breath or blood
See RCW 46.61.503 for more information

Washington State Drunk Driving Law
Washington State law provides that the drivers on the road have the duty to not operate a motor vehicle when under the influence of alcohol. See RCW 46.61.502.

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