14 Year Old Boy Causes 3 Car Collision

A 14 year old boy is under investigation for reckless driving, hit and run, no valid operator’s license and driving without insurance after he drove his mother’s car without permission.

He caused a three car collision when he traveling south on I-5 near I-405 in Tukwila on June 16. He was recklessly driving with his 14 year old girlfriend in the passenger seat.

A witness said the boy driving a Toyota Celica was going approximately 65 miles per hour when he passed his car. He explained the pass as, “like it was standing still.”

He hit the right rear of a Toyota Tundra which caused both vehicles to hit the right barrier on the interstate. As the vehicles crossed the lanes they collided with a Plymouth Voyager.

Witnesses said the boy attempted to leave the scene but after driving a short distance, he lost control and hit the barrier again.

The driver of the Toyota Tundra had minor injuries from the car accident. There were no severe injuries reported.

The boy was released to his mother’s custody due to his age.

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