11 Smart Ways to Prevent a Boating Accident


Boating statistics can be very startling. Since it is summertime and boating season, there are several prevention methods to avoid being involved in a boating accident.




If you are the driver of a boat, follow these steps:

1. Be attentive and careful as a DRIVER. If you are tired or not in the right state of mind to go boating with your children – do not do it.

2. Be attentive and careful as a PASSENGER. Yes, the person driving is technically in charge, but if the driver appoints a reliable “look-out person,” about 15 percent of all boating accidents could be prevented.

3. Avoid bad weather and hazardous waters. This could also prevent about 15 percent of accidents.

4. Make sure that your radio is tuned into the latest weather news.

5. If you study hazardous zone on water maps, this can also be a tremendous prevention method.

6. Study underwater maps. This is particularly important for boat drivers that have divers on board.

7. If you are on in the ocean, a reliable GPS system may be very essential when boating (especially if you have a bad sense of direction!).

8. Take a safety class. Experience is the most important key in safe boating. In order to be a confident driver, you need experience.

9. Chose your waters carefully. If you are not an experienced boater, do not go out on Lake Washington during Seafair weekend! That is foolish. You are looking for an accident.

10. The leading accident type on boats that results in death is falling overboard. That is because most people are not wearing life jackets. Make sure you have enough life jackets for everyone on the boat and that they are wearing them if you are on a busy lake or area.

11. DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE. Boating intoxicated is just as dangerous as driving a car intoxicated. Ever heard of a BUI?






This is a great list and I can tell you about going out in bad weather and how that can be a bad decision. Really important to check the wave and tide even when it appears to be a sunny day.
by Charles R July 5, 2011 at 01:44 PM
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